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Amecha and Omron Adept

Amecha has been system integrator of Omron Adept robots for some time now. Due to the successful co-operation between Omron and Amecha the next step was taken. In December 2014 Amecha became official Adept Preferred Robotics Partner for the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg.

Amecha has gained a lot of experience in working with Omron Adept robots. Not only by integrating Omron Adept robotic parts into machines but also by having an Omron Adept SCARA robot in our own workshop for testing.

Preferred Robotics Partner CS4-October2014


Machine building and Omron Adept

Omron Adept robots provide an excellent combination of quality and cost. The knowledge and experience Amecha has in machine building ensures that Amecha can provide solutions for all problems related to manufacturing processes.

Please contact us for more information about Omron Adept robots or other information about machine building. Together we will improve the efficiency of your company even further.


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