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Ruben Sleurs MSc.

Born in Overpelt (B), 1991
Education: Mechatronics/Robotics/Industrial Automation at KH Kempen
Working at Amecha since 2013
Function: Mechatronics Engineering

“Making things move, creating things, that’s what I like. The mechanics are usually already there, and then my specialty comes around the corner. But at Amecha you are involved from start to finish in all the steps in the creation of a machine. It is nice to see something being created from nothing. I also like the direct customer contact, the short lines of communication, so we can work together towards the best solution. I also like to make things in my spare time. For instance, I partly built my own house and installed all the electrical and home automation equipment. It is great to keep perfecting those things, something I also like to translate to my work.”

“Football, skiing, snowboarding, cycling and mountain biking.”

Life motto:
“Above all, enjoy every day.”

Thom Waterschoot Bsc.

Born in Lommel (B), 1998
Education: Automation at the University of Antwerp
Working at Amecha since 2022
Function: Software Engineering

“I got that passion for technology from home. My dad was also a technician, often tinkering in the garage. The mechanical and electrical parts are certainly fun, but the fact that I can ultimately use my software to make the machine move and do what it needs to do is what I like best about my job. I also work and experiment a lot with 3D printers. Even at home, where I have several 3D printers. By now, I am pretty much the expert at Amecha!”

“Sports are kind of my thing. For instance, I do archery and, as a drag racer, motor sports.”

Life motto:
“I don’t have a life philosophy or dream, I am no Gandhi or Martin Luther King. Just act normal, you’ll be crazy enough, maybe that sums it up.”

Ing. Dave Rongen

Born in Panningen, 1989
Education: Bachelor of Engineering, HBO Mechanical Engineering at Hogeschool Arnhem/Nijmegen
Working at Amecha since 2011
Function: Mechanical Engineering, Project Manager and temporarily runs the Business Office

“Amecha feels like a family. Most colleagues have been with us for a long time and there is very little turnover. That says enough about the atmosphere and job satisfaction. At the moment, my biggest challenge lies with the Business Office. After all, it is not always easy to get parts and chips delivered on time in these times. Outside work, I have a busy family with two young children and a dog, so I put a lot of time into that. But fortunately, there is still plenty of room for other things.”

“Motorsport is my big hobby. I have driven quite a few races as an amateur by now, including for the Dutch Championship.”

Life motto:
“I don’t have a life philosophy. I prefer to live from day to day.”

Ing. Niel van Sambeek

Born in Veldhoven, 1991
Education: Mechatronics at Fontys Hogeschool Eindhoven
Working at Amecha since 2020
Function: Mechatronics Engineering

“The wide variety of customers and the fact that we get to develop customized solutions based on their requirements, that is what makes my work so cool and what drives me. Whether that is for a small independent company, or a large organization makes no difference to me. Every project has its challenges. As an engineer, you always have to dive into the customer’s specific process, so that you really feel and understand their needs. Fun and educational. Quite a challenge too, because after all, you are working on a tailor-made functional solution, so you don’t always get the chance to work with prototypes. Our solution has to be effective and stable right away.”

Besides work, I like to be on a mountain bike, do winter sports and enjoy good food.”

Life motto:
“Enjoying together and savoring the good times to the fullest. That’s what I like to live by.”

Ing. Rik Derkx

Born in Roermond, 1980
Education: Mechanical & Industrial Engineer at Fontys Hogeschool Eindhoven
Working at Amecha since 2010
Function: Manager Engineering

“I particularly enjoy the wide variety of assignments at Amecha, which is one of my drivers. Moreover, as an engineer here, you do much more than just a piece of engineering. You are involved in the whole process, starting from the intake meeting with the customer. I think that is also the reason why everyone here goes to work with pleasure every day. Besides, I am the only certified bicycle mechanic at Amecha! After I finished VWO and completed my training as a bicycle mechanic, I worked as a bicycle mechanic for nine years. It was then that I learned that, above all, you must do what you like. In 2005, I had enough of bikes and went back to school. Eventually, I started working at Amecha.”

“My interests are broad, from cars and motorbikes to building houses and woodworking. But my family is number one!”

Life motto:
“Above all, do what you enjoy, both in and outside work.”

Ing. Yuri Egging

Born in Arnhem, 1976
Education: HTS Mechanical Engineering at Fontys Eindhoven
Working at Amecha since 2006
Function: Mechanical engineering

“My passion for engineering has actually always been there. As a little boy I already loved working with wood and so on. I think it’s fantastic that here at Amecha you can see what you come up with come to life physically and that you can build it yourself. As an engineer, you go through the whole process, from design to delivery. With the challenge of translating the customer’s wishes into a machine or set-up. We don’t have our own products; in fact, we almost exclusively make prototypes or very small series, which all spring from the minds of a team of professionals. It’s also nice that we all have our own customer portfolio. In the long run, you know more quickly what is expected of you, which is nice. Thanks to our flexibility and team spirit, we can act quickly in the process.”

“Chores around the house and mountain biking. I also attend Boot Camp training sessions twice a week.”

Life motto:
“Be open and honest, I like transparency. Don’t say A if you mean B.”

Ing. Wout Kanters

Born in Vorstenbosch, 1994
Education: Mechatronics Engineering at Fontys Eindhoven
Working at Amecha since 2018
Function: Mechatronics, Software Engineering

“In my job, I mainly get satisfaction from the alternation between thinking and executing, thinking and making. At the same time, you are also the account manager responsibleyou’re your customers and projects. I have always enjoyed seeing and making moving things, although back then you did it with LEGO and Mecano. What is nice here is that we make high-tech machines, but in a pragmatic way. Working with your hands instead of endless thinking and calculation. Very practical. Everyone does his or her own thing, without talking shop to the customer. You get plenty of freedom and responsibility for that here.”

“Besides this work, I have a small audio engineering company with two friends, which has also been my hobby since I was 12 years old. I’m mostly busy with that in the evenings and weekends. Mixing, making recordings, light shows, pop stages, festivals, that sort of thing. We have also come up with a new concept, Mini Rock. The first edition will take place in Vorstenbosch in 2023. I also visit a lot of concerts and festivals myself, especially metal.”

Life motto:
“Above all, respects everyone’s values and beliefs and don’t be too quick to judge.”

Ing. Marcel Klesman

Born in Echt, 1978
Education: HTS Automotive
Working at Amecha since 2004
Function: Business Unit Manager

“I inherited the love for technology from home, because my father owned a car garage. When I was four, I was already taking hoovers apart and later it was tinkering with mopeds and such. Even in dad’s garage, I sometimes helped working on the cars. In doing so, I was always fascinated by machines and how they are made. I ended up at Amecha because I was good at 3D graphics, at that time still a relatively new discipline. It is wonderful that you get to invent things from scratch here. In my current position, the technology is coming more and more into second place, because I am mainly operationally concerned with our policy and the future of Amecha. The ambition is great and of course it is great to be allowed to give substance to this. Thus, I now derive a lot of passion from our potential as a company, the possibilities for growth and the opportunities that lie ahead.”

“I used to do a lot of sports, such as fitness, running, sport fishing and defense sports. Since we have a family with three children, I do this less often. I am now mainly busy with remodeling: we are completely stripping and renovating our house from bottom to top.”

Life motto:
“Enjoy what you do and derive satisfaction from it, both in and outside work. Once your passion is gone, it’s better to do something else.”

Ing. Tom Hilkens

Born in Baarlo, 1989
Education: MTS and HTS mechanical engineering
Working at Amecha since 2011
Function: Mechanical Engineering, Robotics, Project Manager

“Drawing, inventing, I have always had a love for engineering and machines. I used to love tinkering with mopeds, which later became motorbikes. My father used to work a lot on farms, something I later started doing myself. This also got me interested in tractors. So, after the MTS I wanted to continue in engineering -and I followed the night school at HTS Arnhem. The great thing about working at Amecha is that you are involved in many different things; every project is different. In addition, you have a lot of freedom within certain limits, especially as long as that continues to bear fruit.”

“I enjoy being outdoors at home, doing all sorts of things. Gardening, but ideally I would like to have a workshop at home, so I can make things there and tinker with cars and the like.”

Life motto:
“Having fun in everything you do, that goes without saying. Along with that, I have always aspired to have a house in the countryside, settling down. I think that is the basis for being happy. What I find most important is that I can stay myself, not going with the flow, but above all being able to make your own choices.”

Ing. Joey Verheijden

Born in Weert, 1993, grew up in Meijel
Education: MBO Middle Management Engineering, HBO Mechanical Engineering/IPO Venlo
Working at Amecha since 2019
Function: Mechanical Engineering”The fascination and

passion for engineering has been a part of me since childhood. As a little boy, I would stand at the fun fair on Thursday evenings, observing how the attractions were built and how they were put together. I had the same with K’NEX. In kindergarten, I was already putting gears together and loved watching everything turn and move afterwards. If only I had had access to a garage during my childhood where I could have tinkered and hobbied, haha! That would have fitted the bill perfectly. Working at Amecha is very varied, technically challenging. I can screw my own things together here in the workshop. Besides, you have all the resources there to make a test setup. In the end, I am satisfied when the circle is complete. When the machine you have built works well and everyone is happy. I get a lot of satisfaction from that.”

“Mountain biking. I like anything that gives you a lot of adrenaline. I’ve also been in scouting for years and am regularly in the workshop welding frames, that sort of thing. Besides that, I like travelling with my friends. Japan, America, countries like that. Discovering other cultures and seeing what the world is like, I love that.”

Life motto:
“Seize the day. Enjoy life, but don’t plan too much ahead. That’s also where those expensive trips come from, I think. If you get the chance, tackle it, and do it. Because you might not get a second chance.”

Ing. David van Zuuren

Born in The Hague, 1958
Education: HTS mechanical engineering
Working at Amecha since 2008
Function: Sr. Technical Consultant, Mechanical Architect

“I have always remained true to my profession as a mechanical designer. That is also where my absolute passion lies. From childhood, I have wanted to design things and I have now been doing this with dedication for over 42 years. I am a born product developer. At DAF, for instance, I worked for years in the pre-development of diesel engines and even today I am still largely active in the field of vehicles.”

“I used to have a lot of hobbies, but due to the hustle and bustle in recent years, they have taken a bit of a back seat. I’ve always had a thing for cars and basically anything with wheels. Apart from tinkering with cars, I also restore classic racing bikes. But that hobby-ing with cars will come back soon, when I have more time for it.”

Life motto:
“I attach great importance to the fact that what I do professionally actually helps people move forward. I would walk through fire for that. If I don’t really help people further with it, it immediately affects my mood, haha!”

Ing. Johan Lemmens

Born in Someren, 1991
Education: Mechatronics at Fontys Hogeschool Eindhoven
Working at Amecha since 2023
Function: Mechanical Engineer

Finding out how machines work was something I learned at home on the farm. There was always something that needed to be done.
I was also always occupied with Lego, preferably something new. And if not, a big box of blocks with an idea of what it should become. Then I got to work and adjusted the idea during construction based on what was available.
The nice thing about Amecha is that a customer comes with a specific problem and wants a solution without too much fuss. The project-based engineering gives a nice goal-oriented challenge, and you get a lot of underlying knowledge about processes that happen in different industries. This keeps you learning and keeps the work interesting.

“A weekly round of mountain biking and occasionally go-karting.”

Life motto:
“Do what you enjoy, consider others and respect everyone’s thoughts.”

Guus van Kessel BSc.

Born in Heeswijk-Dinther, 2000
Education: HBO mechanical engineering at Fontys Eindhoven
Working at Amecha since 2023
Function: Mechanical engineering

“From an early age, I was interested in engineering. I loved coming along to my father’s work to see the machines. At secondary school, it was therefore easy for me to choose the nature and technology education profile. During my pre-university education, I started working at a machine factory. Which was followed up at HBO level with a degree in mechanical engineering. For me, the projects in which you get to design yourself are the best part. I enjoy designing a new product based on a customer’s requirements and seeing the result grow as I go along. Seeing good results is what you do it all for.”

“In my spare time I play football with the Vorstenbossche Boys in the 4th team. I have a lot of fun both in playing the game itself and in all the activities around football. Besides playing football, I enjoy going to festivals with my friends here and there.”

Life motto:
“Live day by day, but also think about your future at all times”

Eric Schuurmans

Born in Utrecht, the Netherlands,
Education: mechanical engineering
Working at Amecha since 2023
Function: Business Development Manager.

“For as long as I can remember, I was into building and engineering. Building radio-controlled model airplanes and tinkering with mopeds/engines used to be my hobbies.

In my working life, I pursued my affinity with engineering. Starting as a Lathe, Miller, Profile Grinder in a tool making shop, the next steps were Work Planner/ Planner, Engineer (Sequential Bending Tools), Head of Business Office and the past few years as Business Development Manager.

Solution Selling is right up my alley, a nice combination of technology and sales, making customers happy with a suitable solution. This, too, is exactly what Amecha stands for.”

Interests/ Hobbies
“Sailing, mountain biking, running, visiting museums, festivals or concerts.”

Ing. Freddie Aarts

Born in Liessel, 1984
Education: HBO mechanical engineering at Fontys Hogeschool Eindhoven
Working at Amecha since 2023
Function: Technical buyer

From a young age, I have been involved with technology. My father is a tinkerer, so I think the interest in technique was instilled from an early age. I used to unscrew everything that broke at home to see how it was put together and how it worked. At my previous employer, I started as a mechanical engineer and progressed to engineering supervisor. In doing so, I always had a strong interest in the logistics and outsourcing part of projects. From this background and interest, I joined Amecha in the business office.

“In 2022, my girlfriend and I had the pleasure of having a beautiful son. It’s nice to spend time together as a family and do fun things.”

“Since I was 18, I have been involved with air-cooled Volkswagens and have built up a nice collection in the meantime. I love restoring a wreck to new condition, which involves taking the car apart to the last screw. Driving tours, weekends away, old-timer meetings and going on holiday with these old-timers is also part of the hobby. With my VW bus, we’ve pretty much driven around Europe.”

Life motto:
“I don’t really have a life motto. I try to make the best of it and mainly do what I like”.

Ing. Tim In het Panhuis

Born in Maasbracht, 1994
Education: Aviation technology at Inholland University Delft
Working at Amecha since 2023
Function: Mechanical engineering


“I love flying and everything that flies. There is a lot of engineering behind this. I enjoy collecting this knowledge, which has led to my interest in engineering stretching far beyond the airspace of aviation. The versatility at Amecha allows me to learn and apply other engineering expertises.”

“Flying, although I am now without an aircraft. I also like cycling, especially to discover places.”

Life motto:
“Everything works out.”


Brecht Maas

Born in Lommel (B), 1998
Education: Electrical engineering
Working at Amecha since 2023
Function: Software Engineering

Technique has always interested me. When I was little, I was always standing at my grandfather’s workshop. He was always busy manufacturing all sorts of things. The interest in logistics came later in my life. Working at Amecha as a technical buyer gives me the opportunity to help build the organization with my enthusiasm and contribute to Amecha’s goals every time.

“Scouting, fitness and archery ”

Life motto:
“Live each day as it is and try to make the best of it.”

David van der Linden

Born in Melbourne, Australia
Education: college of electrical engineering
Working at Amecha since 2000
Function: Hardware Engineering, Software, System Administration